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Dr Mustafa Khattab

English Translation of the Message of The Quran

English Translation of the Message of The Quran

Translated by Prof Syed Vickar Ahamed

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  1. Al Mathurat [CD]

    Al Mathurat [CD]

    Al-Mathurat (CD) Imam Shahid Hasan al-Banna Al-Mathurat is a compilation of important Quranic verses and the authentic ahadith. It is presented in the form of a wird (litany) to be recited every morning and evening. Al-Mathurat was compiled by Imam Shahid Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, who strove to establish the perpetual remembrance of Allah in all spheres of life. For truly, such is the way for the hearts to attain spiritual equilibrium and tranquility. About the Author Imam Hasan Al-Banna born in Egypt (1906-1949). He is the founder of al Ikhwan al-Muslimun (The Muslim Brotherhood) - the largest Islamic Movement of our time. He studied Hadith, Fiqh and other Islamic Sciences under his father Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Banna and under many other notable scholars. He graduated from Darul Ulum, Cairo and worked for many years as a teacher. Due to his dawah and revival efforts Imam al Banna is considered by many Muslim scholars and thinkers as the mujaddid (reviver) of the 20th Century. He was assassinated and martyred in 1949.

  2. Something About Life (CD) by Hamza Robertson

    Something About Life (CD) by Hamza Robertson

    Something about Life is a unique album in every sense. From its style to the beautiful lyrics. His debut 'evening of inspiration' tour in the UK was extremely well received. His recent performance in Sweden resulted in the only encore of the da

  3. Purification of the Soul

    Purification of the Soul

    Spirituality represents one of the most important aspects of the Muslim personality. Its relationship can be likened to that of the gasoline that powers a priceless automobile. The Muslim's value and honor is completed and polished by his internal

  4. Joseph: Quran Recitation by Ghaamidy w/ Translation [CD]

    Joseph: Quran Recitation by Ghaamidy w/ Translation [CD]

    Joseph Recitation - Shaykh Al-Ghamdi, Translation - Mauri Salakhan Product Overview... A Recitation of chapter 12 (Joseph) of the Holy Quran with Translation of the Meaning. A sweet recitation in Arabic by Shaykh Saad al-Ghamdi of Chapter 12 followed by English translation of the meaning read by El-Hajj Mauri Saalakhan. The Arabic recitation and the translation alternate chapter by chapter. This CD is an ideal gift for any of your non-Muslim friends, co-workers and neighbors. About the Translation... Translation of the meaning of Quranic verses is based in essence on the popular translations by Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthal. However, the translation offers significant advantages over these two translations and other popular ones in the following areas: 1 Language ease: the translation is a Modern Standard English translation that uses common words with their current uses to convey the meaning of the Holy Quran. The translation does not use Old English expressions and phrases such as thou, lo, and thee. Consider the translation of verse 4 in chapter 68 in common translations: Yusuf Ali: And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character. M. Pickthal: And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature. Now, the new translation reads: And indeed! You are of great moral character 2 Accuracy: the translation was checked against 4 books of tafseer (commentary and explanation of the Quran), namely Ibn Kathir, Al-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, and Al-Fakhr Al-Razi, to insure the accuracy of translation. Consider the translation of verse 102 in chapter 20: Yusuf Ali: The Day when the Trumpet will be sounded: that Day, We shall gather the sinful, blear-eyed (with terror). M. Pickthal: The day when the Trumpet is blown. On that day we assemble the guilty white-eyed (with terror), Notice the part near the end of the verse where the eyes of the guilty or the sinful are described as blear-eyed or white-eyed. The original word in Arabic is Zurqa, which literally means blue-eyed. Arabs used to refer a person whose vision is blurred out of terror or because of calamity as blue-eyed. Now, the new translation reads: The day when the Trumpet is blown. On that day we will assemble the guilty disbelievers bleary-eyed (with terror). 3 Allowing for multiple meanings: the books of tafsir often provide multiple meanings to a particular verse, and the translation attempts to capture as many of the meanings as possible. Consider verse 29 in chapter 74 which describes Saqar (one of the names of Hell): Yusuf Ali: Darkening and changing the color of man! M. Pickthal: It shrivelleth the man. Now, the new translation which incorporates two meanings of the verse: Gleaming from a distance, yet darkening of people’s skin. 4 Descriptiveness and clarity: the translation often uses phrases rather than single words to clarify the meaning of Arabic words and expressions. Consider verse 108 in chapter 20: Yusuf Ali: And Pharaoh, and those before him, and the Cities Overthrown, committed habitual Sin. M. Pickthal: And Pharaoh and those before him, and the communities that were destroyed, brought error, Now, the new translation: And Pharaoh, those before him, and the people of Lut whose cities were flipped upside down committed grave habitual sin. 5 Capturing of the interconnectedness between verses: the translation attempts to convey the explicit and implicit relationships between verses in a chapter to present each chapter as a contiguous unit. Consider verses 26-31 which explicitly talk about Saqar in chapter 74: Soon I will dip him into Saqar. Ah! If you just knew what Saqar is? It leaves nothing and spares nothing … Verses 32-37 continue to talk about Saqar. This continuity is not clear when reading most common translation. For example, Yusuf Ali’s translation reads: Nay, verily: By the Moon, And by the Night as it retreateth, And by the Dawn as it shineth forth,- This is but one of the mighty (portents), A warning to mankind, To any of you that chooses to press forward, or to follow behind; Notice that there is no reference made to Saqar in the translation. Now, the new translation reads: But no! I swear by the moon, And the night as it retreats, And by the dawn it shines forth, Indeed! This one, Saqar, is one of the greatest layers of Hell. As a warning to mankind, To any of you who chooses to advance or to lag behind. The resulting translation is one that is easy to read and understand without requiring any previous knowledge of Islam or Arabic. The recording of the translation by El-Hajj Mauri Salakhan covers a new dimension to the translation by providing the proper stresses and intonations to further clarify the meaning of the verses.

  5. The Muallim- Sami Yusuf [CD]

    The Muallim- Sami Yusuf [CD]

    Al-Muallim (CD) Sami Yusuf Product Overview... Al-Muallim is a compilation of groundbreaking nasheeds by Sami Yusuf. It is intended to provide an Islamic alternative for the Muslim youth that is vibrant and enjoyable to listen to. It features the highest standards of composition, singing, sound production and engineering. About the Artist... Sami Yusuf was born in July 1980. He was born into a musical family of Azeri origin and thus music played an integral part in his life. Sami’s initial training came from his father, who is an internationally renowned composer, poet, and a multitalented musician. Sami learnt to play many instruments at a very young age and gradually began to show a keen interest in singing and composing. At the age of eighteen, he obtained a scholarship to study composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. Sami has been composing from a very young age and his beautiful voice is supplemented by his extensive knowledge of notes and harmonies. He also has a good understanding of music theory and of Middle Eastern modes (or Maqams). Indeed, it is rare to find a person who has all these talents. Sami is also a devout practicing Muslim who sees songs as a means ofpromoting the message of Islam and encouraging the youth to be proud of their religion and identity.

  6. Ghetto Messiah: Tyson Hip-Hop [CD]

    Ghetto Messiah: Tyson Hip-Hop [CD]

    Classic in the most classic elements of Hip Hop. He has set a new standard of practice and application in lyrical versatility and delivery. The Big Bang Theory is that the rap game exploded and left Tyson, alone, standing in front of a microphone, and from this was born 15 tracks or atmospherical production laced in truth. This is more than having the game sewn up; this is the proverbial protocol in storytelling. This verbal Cinematographer paves a path of emphatic feeling, emotion, and experiences for us to saunter and remember. Like an artist he lays down melodic sketches of love, life, and struggle – which have been coloured by his love for Allah and this Deen. His style is expressive and free flowing. The threshold and dynamic range of his vocal dexterity remains limitless and unmatched. This album [as is his character] is natural and untreated, authentic in context and thesis, one can not help but to find themselves lost and found in this experience. Tyson has created a tier of excellence in his ability to weave the Qur'an and Sunnah beautifully throughout the album entitled: The Ghetto Messiah. A work of Art. This is the Diamond standard ya'll! It doesn't get better than this. Another superhero emerges from the RC camp – I introduce to you MSP, the Monotheist Street Philosopher.

  7. Ajeeb by Sidi Yassir [CD]

    Ajeeb by Sidi Yassir [CD]

    Yassir Chadly has been performing traditional Moroccan music since 1972, first in his native Morocco and then in the United States since 1977. His musical expression ranges from the melodic love songs of the Magreb and Egyptian traditions, to the powerful, spiritual rhythms of the religious music of the Gnawa, the Sufi musicians originally from sub-Saharan Africa. His instruments are many and varied and include the oud (lute), the guembri (a three-stringed bass-like instrument made from the neck of a camel), qarqabas (metal clackers from which castanets are derived), bendir, darbukkah, and taarija (percussion instruments native to Morocco). Yassir is well known as an inspired storyteller of the Sufi tradition whose tales evoke soul-searching thoughts sprinkled with humorous images from centuries past. He has recorded CD's with Randy Weston, Dizzy Gillespie, Stephen Kent, and Steve Coleman. He is featured on two recent Omar Sosa recordings, "Prietos" and "Sentir", and has performed with Mr. Sosa since 2001. Yassir is also an associate professor at the Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California.

  8. Muhammad: The Truth Exposed (Audio Book)

    Muhammad: The Truth Exposed (Audio Book)

    Audio CD Book Type: Audio CD author:Abu Asad
  9. Lessons from the Companions

    Lessons from the Companions

    Lessons from the Companions

    Living as a Minority

    Audio Lecture by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

  10. Al-Ajmi [CDs:24]

    Al-Ajmi [CDs:24]

    Title: The Complete Tarteel Recitation of the Qur'an

    (16 Audio Tapes)

    Publisher: Dar Makkah
    Qari(s): Ahmad Ibn Ali Al-Ajmi

  11. Al-Shatari [CDs:22]

    Al-Shatari [CDs:22]

    Title: The Complete Tarteel Recitation of the Qur'an

    (16 Audio Tapes)

    Publisher: Dar Makkah
    Qari(s): Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatiry

  12. Abdul Basit - [CDs:26]

    Abdul Basit - [CDs:26]

    Title: The Complete Tarteel Recitation of the Qur'an

    (27 CDs)

    Publisher: Dar Makkah
    Qari(s): Abdul-Basset Abdus-Samad

  13. Al-Sudais Quran Set [CDs]

    Al-Sudais Quran Set [CDs]

    Media 20 CDs
    Weight (kg) 0.51
    Weight (lbs) 1.29
  14. Stories from the Hadith

    Stories from the Hadith

    • Hardcover: 330 pages
    • Publisher: Darul Ishaat (2007)
    • Language: English
  15. Recitation of The Noble Quran with English Translation (42 CDs)

    Recitation of The Noble Quran with English Translation (42 CDs)

    For the first time Darussalam is presenting on audio CDs the recording of the Recitation of the Noble Qur'an and the translation of its meaning in the English language by Dr Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan. The beautiful recitation of the Noble Qur'an is done by Sheikh Nadir Al-Qallawi, and the translation is read by Mr. Phelps (Bilal Abdul-Karim) from USA. The presentation has been supervised by Mr. Abdul-Malik Mujahid, the Chief Executive of Darussalam.



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