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The Precious Pearls

The Precious Pearls

Darussalam Research Division

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Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

Amal Khatab


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  1. The Alchemy of Happiness

    The Alchemy of Happiness

    In this 5 CD set, Hamza Yusuf discusses the causes of unhappiness in this world, according to Imam al-Ghazali, and gives us the guidelines to obtain inward contentment.

  2. Men & Women - Hamza Yusuf [CD]

    Men & Women - Hamza Yusuf [CD]

    Many people have long held the erroneous notion that men are better than women. In Men & Women, Hamza Yusuf makes clear the positions and roles of men and women in society according to the Quran and Sunnah and sheds much-needed light on several often misunderstood Quranic verses and hadiths concerning the relationship between the two. His eye-opening discussion of issues such as the hijab, marital rights, and domestic violence, will prove invaluable for all listeners, particularly couples who want to improve understanding in their marriages and individuals who want to be reassured of Islams honor of women.

  3. Refinement of the Hearts (Tasfiyah Al-Qulub) - Hamza Yusuf

    Refinement of the Hearts (Tasfiyah Al-Qulub) - Hamza Yusuf

    15 Disc series “Definitely one of my favorite books, and a constant companion of mine for many, many years.” – Hamza Yusuf In the City of the Prophet, peace be upon him, Hamza Yusuf delivered this series of lectures on this lesser known work, Refinement of the Hearts. The author of the text, the 8th century Spanish master of the Islamic sciences and martyr, Imam Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi, presents an unassailable Sufism thoroughly grounded in the Book of God. This small but powerful treatise is one of the finest pieces of Islamic spiritual literature in Muslim history. Hamza Yusuf’s illuminating and engaging reflections bring it to life for any modern Muslim in search of the keys to refining his or her heart in a world that seduces the hearts of humanity. Doomsday’s singular preparation is to use the opportunity of the world to refine our hearts, for it is a “Day when nothing avails a person, neither wealth nor progeny, only one who brings to God a sound heart.” This wonderful treatise helps us with practical and effective means to do just that. Esentially dealing with the adornment and the beautiful qualities of the heart. Quotes from some of the attendees: "Essential listening ... overflowing with wisdom and subtleties that stir the heart. If everyone listened to this, I am convinced the world would be a better place." "Shaykh Hamza took us through the journey of the heart through the concepts of patience, tawheed, purity—all leading to the ultimate state of love to the Creator. His teachings were well reflected on current challenges of the Muslims enabling us to assess our personal efforts to keep our focus on getting closer to our Creator in a constant changing environment " "The combination of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf's teaching with the text itself make the lessons an excellent experience. His eloquence and erudition are enthralling, and the text can serve to develop one's own relationship with the Holy Qur'an. Highly recommended."
  4. Sacred Law in Secular Lands Vol.2

    Sacred Law in Secular Lands Vol.2

    Sacred Law in Secular Lands, taught by Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and simultaneously translated by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, contains vital information that effects Muslims living in the West and in other non-Muslim lands.Topics covered include the right to live in a non-Muslim land, dealing with the laws and customs of the land, womens education, modest dress, the right to own a home, banking and mortgages, medical issues, and more!

  5. African Muslims: In 20th Century American History - Imam Zaid Sh

    African Muslims: In 20th Century American History - Imam Zaid Sh

    In this historic talk, Imam Zaid Shakir presents an insightful look at the history and presence of African Muslims in America during the twentieth century. From the early Islamically influenced pan-African movements, the Moorish Science Temple, the Nation of Islam, and the varied Sunni communities to the life and legacy of Malcolm X as a Sunni Muslim, this groundbreaking lecture sheds light on this important topic and its relevance for today and the future.

  6. The Life of the Prophet Muhammad [24 CDs]

    The Life of the Prophet Muhammad [24 CDs]

    This brilliant narration of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was presented by Hamza Yusuf in a twelve week course based on the book, Muhammad by Martin Lings. It is unrivaled in its analysis of the Prophets life, making his amazing persona come alive. The focus of the narration is the Prophets relationship with Allah through the Quran. Listeners learn verses in the order they were revealed to show how they impacted the young Muslim nation.

  7. War and Peace [CD]

    War and Peace [CD]

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) repeated three times, “The one who has no love has no faith,” and he commanded Muslims to spread peace. Addressing an audience of Muslims and people of other faiths, Hamza Yusuf speaks about the problems of warfare, explaining that war is a capitulation to the worst aspects of humanity. It is human nature to forgive and resolve conflicts; “Humans are very adept if they choose to do that, but it’s a conscious choice, and it takes courage and effort,” Yusuf said. This talk is vital for people of all faiths who wish to work towards peace and face the challenge of opposing warfare.

  8. The Burda-Hamza Yusuf [CDs:3]

    The Burda-Hamza Yusuf [CDs:3]

    3CD SET + 80pp Case Bound Book in full color. (from the Introduction) I was compelled to translate The Burda after a trip to Mauritania in which I realized it was everywhere, on everyones tongue, always present, always ready to ignite the instant, alter the ambience, enhance the state, bring the presence of the beloved into the room, the tent or wherever we happened to be. Sitting once with my teacher Abd Allah Ould Ahmadna, I heard for the first time a line from Imam Busiri, If Allah places a people in the service of the serene, then they too become serene. As those words flowed from the tongue of my serene teacher, I realized in that moment the reason for my existence, my soul was branded with the power of those words forever. That is Imam al-Busiri. I have heard the Burda many times in many places. In Morocco, I was transported to another world, a perfect world free of sin, free of vice, free of temptation and upon leaving the gathering, I felt as if was once again, we were exiled from the Garden. I have seen Yemenis filled with the same joyful spirit singing in their own unique way like innocent children freed from fear while praising the one who on the day all have fear shows none. Once in Madina, two Sudanese sang a section in a way that brought the poem back to its home, Africa. While it is sung in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Kosovo, Chechnya, Bosnia, even in China, it is and always will be from Africa. It is like Africa, as deep as the oceans that surround her, as powerful as her Nile, as vast as her Sahara and containing as many lights as a starry desert night in Niger.

  9. 17 Benefits of Tribulation [CD]

    17 Benefits of Tribulation [CD]

    The Prophet Muhammed, upon him be peace, was someone who went through unparalleled hardship, and yet he never allowed any difficulties to perturb him. In one very powerful and condensed session, Hamza Yusuf explains why. Commenting on the treatise of the seventh century scholar Izz ibn Abdus-Salam, he reveals 17 benefits of tribulations for those who would see them. Not only will this lecture completely transform your outlook on calamities, but it will also leave you in total awe of Allahs magnanimity and infinite mercy.

  10. Surat Al Baqara trans H. Yusuf [CD]

    Surat Al Baqara trans H. Yusuf [CD]

    English audio CD tafseer (explanation) of the 2nd chapter of the Holy Quran

  11. Description of the Prophet (S) - HYusuf [CDs]

    Description of the Prophet (S) - HYusuf [CDs]

    Love (mahabba) for people arises from three characteristics: 1) their physical outward beauty,2) their inward beautiful character, and 3) the good or the sacrifice they do for us. To increase and maintain his love for the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, Sayyidina Hassan (the Prophets grandson) sought descriptions of all three of these aspects of the Prophet because he wanted something to hold on to. Adding his own commentary to these intimate descriptions, Shaykh Hamza with his usual eloquence, passionately relates what Sayyidina Hassan gathered about the Beloved of Allah, peace and blessings upon him. Shaykh Hamza says, If you knew what the Prophet did for you,you would fall in love with him and explains that mahabba grows like a seed. For those who desire to fall in love with the Beloved of Allah, this talk is for them. One of the calamities of religions is when the Messenger becomes exalted over the One who sent him. We do not believe the Prophet Muhammad is divine. We have been given the gift of understanding the Messenger in relation to the One who sent him. The Prophet Muhammad is central to teachings of Islam. You cannot exalt the Creator without exalting His Messenger, and you cannot exalt His Message without exalting His Messenger. We are commanded by God to magnify the Prophet peace and blessing upon him. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf eloquently explains why we must celebrate the Prophet every day of our lives. He also adds at the end an elucidating explanation of how Muslims should emulate the behavior the Prophet Muhammad had during trying times, reminding us that Prophet(s) taught, the believer is one from whose evil humanity is safe and that he was sent only as a mercy to everyone

  12. Al-Miraj: A Night of Advice - Hamza Yusuf

    Al-Miraj: A Night of Advice - Hamza Yusuf

    On the anniversary of the Miraj, Hamza Yusuf gave a commentary on Sidi Ahmed Zarruq’s “advice” to the one who yearns nearness to his Lord. Topics such as divine unity, morality, repentance, and the golden rule were discussed, and Hamza Yusuf reminded us of the qualities of good character that are required to travel swiftly on the path of Islam. This is a timeless lecture of practical spiritual guidance, which the seeker of knowledge will never tire of listening.

  13. Poor Mans Book of Assistance [CDs]

    Poor Mans Book of Assistance [CDs]

    At the 2000 Summer Rihla Program in southern Spain, Hamza Yusuf introduced the text The Poor Mans Book of Assistance by the ninth century Moroccan scholar Sidi Ahmed Zarruq to an eager group of students at the Al-Azzargra Madrassa. The extemporary commentary given by Shaykh Hamza is full of insights and wisdoms that will no doubt leave a mark on the listeners heart -- the mark of desiring spiritual growth and purification.One student explained that Sidi Ahmed Zarruq advises you step by step on how to purify the sick heart just as a doctor would advise her ill patient. He provides you with a specific plan to follow on your jouney in attempting to attain your only station for salvation -- that of a sound heart. She also said, Shaykh Hamzas dynamic teaching style really brings this book to life, extrapolating practical applications for the student of the here and now. What we present to you in this original 16 CD set production is the key and guide to understanding the diseases of the heart, the tools for recognizing them, and a detailed map of cures along the way to purification. This set is required learning for anyone truly seeking closeness to God -- the ones whose heart is impoverished -- the poor man.

  14. Salawat: Nasheeds by Mesut Kurtis [CD]

    Salawat: Nasheeds by Mesut Kurtis [CD]

    Salawat (CD) Mesut Kurtis Product Overview... Salawat is a compilation of nasheeds in praise of Allah and His final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Mesut Kurtis. It was produced by the international nasheed artist and composer Sami Yusuf and a special track also features him. This album also contains the famous Burdah of Imam Al-Busairi. About the Artist... Mesut Kurtis was born in July 1981 in the Macedonian capital of Skopje. He comes from a scholarly and religious family of Turkish origin. He came to the UK at a young age to pursue his studies. Mesut showed a strong interest in Islamic nasheeds from a very young age. His beautiful, powerful, and passionate voice was noticed very early on, leading him to join several nasheed groups in Macedonia that performed locally, and also made several international visits including performances in Turkey and neighbouring places. Mesut is also a gifted multi-linguist, being fluent in five languages, and this is wonderfully portrayed in his first nasheed album: Salawat, which features songs that beautifully and seamlessly combine Arabic, Turkish, and English. Mesut graduated from the European Institute of Human Sciences, Wales, in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. Mesut will soon be releasing a music video to accompany this album.

  15. Four Great Imams, The [CD:13]

    Four Great Imams, The [CD:13]

    The 4 Great Imams by Dr. Hesham al-Awadi Product Overview... The Four Great Imams - Abu Hanifah, Malik, Shafii and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, have been traditionally presented as the founders of Islamic Jurisprudence or Fiqh. This series seeks to introduce a new dimension to the way their lives are viewed today, by focusing on their character, and their personal interaction with their families, teachers, students, and society at large. It aims to re-emphasise their strong relevance to a wider Muslim audience who might possess interests beyond the sphere of Fiqh. This series reflects on the various stages of the lives of the Four Great Imams, as teenagers, students, teachers, fathers, and active members in their communities, and as contemporary role models, particularly to the young generation Muslims living in the West. The series also offers a fascinating insight into the golden era of Islamic history, with prime attention given to the factors and institutions that led to the emergence and development of the Four Great Imams.


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