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Dr Mustafa Khattab

English Translation of the Message of The Quran

English Translation of the Message of The Quran

Translated by Prof Syed Vickar Ahamed

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  1. Al-Miraj: A Night of Advice - Hamza Yusuf

    Al-Miraj: A Night of Advice - Hamza Yusuf

    On the anniversary of the Miraj, Hamza Yusuf gave a commentary on Sidi Ahmed Zarruq’s “advice” to the one who yearns nearness to his Lord. Topics such as divine unity, morality, repentance, and the golden rule were discussed, and Hamza Yusuf reminded us of the qualities of good character that are required to travel swiftly on the path of Islam. This is a timeless lecture of practical spiritual guidance, which the seeker of knowledge will never tire of listening.

  2. Poor Mans Book of Assistance [CDs]

    Poor Mans Book of Assistance [CDs]

    At the 2000 Summer Rihla Program in southern Spain, Hamza Yusuf introduced the text The Poor Mans Book of Assistance by the ninth century Moroccan scholar Sidi Ahmed Zarruq to an eager group of students at the Al-Azzargra Madrassa. The extemporary commentary given by Shaykh Hamza is full of insights and wisdoms that will no doubt leave a mark on the listeners heart -- the mark of desiring spiritual growth and purification.One student explained that Sidi Ahmed Zarruq advises you step by step on how to purify the sick heart just as a doctor would advise her ill patient. He provides you with a specific plan to follow on your jouney in attempting to attain your only station for salvation -- that of a sound heart. She also said, Shaykh Hamzas dynamic teaching style really brings this book to life, extrapolating practical applications for the student of the here and now. What we present to you in this original 16 CD set production is the key and guide to understanding the diseases of the heart, the tools for recognizing them, and a detailed map of cures along the way to purification. This set is required learning for anyone truly seeking closeness to God -- the ones whose heart is impoverished -- the poor man.

  3. Rights & Respon. of Marriage [CDs:14]

    Rights & Respon. of Marriage [CDs:14]

    In The Rights and Responsibilities of Marriage, Hamza Yusuf discusses the critical elements of a successful marriage based on the Prophetic teaching. He begins each session with an examination of a passage from the Quran, followed by the sessions main topic. The various topics he covers include choosing a spouse, the legal rulings of the marital contract, life inside the home, childrearing, and the legal rulings of divorce.People who attended the course said that it gave them a greater appreciation of their spouse, improved the quality of their marriage,and many remarked that it was a life transforming experience. This set is invaluable for couples desiring a marriage that reflects affection, compassion, and spiritual harmony.

  4. Station of Gratitude

    Station of Gratitude

    In The Stations of Gratitude, Hamza Yusuf reminds us of these countless, often subtle gifts and discusses the different stations of those who know how to show Allah proper thanks for them. Giving special attention to the four root blessings as mentioned in Surat Al-Waqiah and the specific blessings scholars noted as the greatest of them all, Hamza Yusuf incites in his listeners nothing short of wonder for Allahs vast grace.

  5. Educating Child in Modern Times - HYusuf [CDs:6]

    Educating Child in Modern Times - HYusuf [CDs:6]

    Our purpose for organizing this event was to introduce parents to the perils and pitfalls of modern compulsory schooling in the hopes of awakening a desire in them and need to seek out alternative approaches to educating our children. What we experienced at the conference was much more than what we had hoped for or anticipated. The dynamic relationship between John Taylor Gatto and Hamza Yusuf was extraordinary: both men share a knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter, and a purity of intention, which left an indelible mark on every heart in the audience. In bringing you this production, we hope to share the wisdom of a special and most empowering weekend.

  6. Following A Madhhab - Imam Zaid Shakir

    Following A Madhhab - Imam Zaid Shakir

    One of the greatest points of contention today is the validity of following one of the four Sunni juridical schools (madhhab). By following a madhhab, we are following the prophetic guidance more scrupulously, as we are deferring to the understanding of that guidance as it has been re?ned by successive generations of scholars.In this class, Imam Zaid Shakir explains what a madhhab is, what it means to follow a madhhab and why a simplistic “return” to the Qur’an and Sunnah will not eliminate the main reasons for the scholars differing on certain issues. He also examines the categories of legal rulings, ‘blind following’ (taqlid) and many other important issues. This recording is highly recommended for anyone seeking to understand what a madhhab is and the importance of that institution.

  7. Legal Philos.of Islam-Hamza Yu [CDs:13]

    Legal Philos.of Islam-Hamza Yu [CDs:13]

    This collection of 13 CDs is an enjoyable yet powerful testimony to the enduring relevance and necessity of the Islamic legal tradition. Based on the work of the great Andalusian scholar, Imam Shatibi, it presents the perspective of rationale in looking at various legal issues from the Islamic perspective. The speakers encyclopedic memory draws from a vast array of sources to eradicate the myth that Islam is a primitive religion and its laws are outmoded.

  8. Rise and Fall of the Ummah, The [MP3]

    Rise and Fall of the Ummah, The [MP3]

    Guided by the astute insight of notable scholar Imam Zaid Shakir, this recording provides an enlightening and incisive examination of the social, economic, cultural and political decline of the Muslim ummah as a dominate global actor. From the impact and implications of Western global expansion to the deterioration of the classical Islamic educational system, this informative series of lectures takes a wide-ranging look at the internal and external forces that shaped the dramatic shift in the role and influence of Muslim civilization in the world.Giving the listener a comprehensive breakdown of the numerous opinions regarding the cause of the Muslim decline, Imam Zaid draws from and accesses the varied efforts and theories of significant political reformists, modernist movements, Western orientalists, and Islam’s distinguished religious scholars. This important course offers a masterful balance between a political-material analysis and the traditional Islamic worldview, clarifying this complex historical topic, highlighting the rays of hope in the darkness, and proposing the actions and means by which the Muslim ummah may rise again.

  9. Sacred Law in Secular Lands [CDs:10]

    Sacred Law in Secular Lands [CDs:10]

    Sacred Law in Secular Lands, taught by Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and simultaneously translated by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, contains vital information that effects Muslims living in the West and in other non-Muslim lands.Topics covered include the right to live in a non-Muslim land, dealing with the laws and customs of the land, womens education, modest dress, the right to own a home, banking and mortgages, medical issues, etc...

  10. Unity Through Diversity [CDs]

    Unity Through Diversity [CDs]

    This set features talks with Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, Hamza Yusuf, Dr. Umar Faruq Abdallah, Shaykh Abdallah al-Kadi, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Shaykh Khalid Abdallah al-Madhkur, Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr. Sulayman Nyang, Merve Safa Kavakci and Shaykh Nizam Yaquby. The theme of the talks are centred around the meaning of unity as it pertains to Islam.

  11. Sura Ataghabun tr. H. Yusuf

    Sura Ataghabun tr. H. Yusuf

    English audio CD tafseer (explanation) of Surah al-Taghabun of the Holy Quran

  12. Attributes of God in Islam, The [CDs:9]

    Attributes of God in Islam, The [CDs:9]

    During an intensive workshop, Dr. Umar Abd-Allah and Hamza Yusuf engage in a dialogue on the Attributes of God in Islam that is both challenging to the mind and moving to the heart. What are the arguments for the existence of God? What are the means by which we come to understand God? If God is All-Powerful and the Maker of all things, how do we understand the free will of man? What are the arguments that support Divine Revelation? These are some of the thought-provoking topics that are discussed in this unique recording of a formal conversation between these two men. Experience this meeting yourself with this live recording which contains profound insights and understandings into the Islamic faith.

  13. Exemplars of Courage by Imam Zaid Shakir

    Exemplars of Courage by Imam Zaid Shakir

    Exemplars of Courage By: Imam Zaid Shakir 12 CD Set This 12 CD set is from a class that Imam Zaid Shakir taught at Zaytuna Institute in Hayward CA. During this 10 weeks course he examines the lives of those who showed courageous stands in difficult times, including Shuraih Al-Qadi, Zaynab bint Ali, Abdallah ibn Hudhafa, Ali ibn Hussain (Zainul Abideen) and more.

  14. Destiny of Man [CDs:2]

    Destiny of Man [CDs:2]

    2 CD SET, In this thought provoking session, Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir discuss the current conflict between the West and Islam and the abandoned understanding that every person’s life is sacred and that no one has the right to take another’s life.

  15. Vision of Islam [CDs]

    Vision of Islam [CDs]

    8 CD SET, Hamza Yusuf’s commentary on Murata’s and Chittick’s The Vision of Islam makes crystal clear the meanings of a Muslim’s beliefs, actions, and spiritual journey through life. Wonderful for Muslims interested in a more thorough understanding of their religion, this set is also an excellent introduction to Islam for people of other faiths who wish to gain a clear understanding of Islam’s basic principles and practices. Remembered by students for its liveliness and clarity, this set is filled with fascinating insights into Islam.


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